In our office, we'll often find ourselves having conversations that are some what… spatial. That is to say, related to the moon, the stars, and their affect on us humans.
Basically, we're astrology nerds. And while each of us has our own interpretation, and maybe some of us take it more seriously than others, we all have a basic knowledge of what each astrological sign embodies.
So we thought it'd be fun to give you some insight into how to make 2016 your most stunning year yet. Find your sign in this list and get some skin, hair, and overall health tips tailored to your astral predispositions.


You’re consistent, sometimes even rigid. And though some might say you’re ‘stuck in your ways,’ those who get you know that you really just have things down to a T. Why change what works?
It’s likely that you’ve had basically the same hairstyle for a few years now. Nothing wrong with that — if it works, it works — but switching it up could be a fun way to help you start fresh for the year.
Consider a subtle, gradual change. A lot of natural hair dying methods work with time, and you’re the perfect type of person to do it because you’re able to stick to a routine. Consider adding cocoa powder (for chocolate notes) or alkanet root (for a red hue) to your conditioner. Simply add a few tablespoons to your bottle and shake to mix. With continuous use of your conditioner, it'll start to bring out dimension in your hair.
What’s great about this method for you is that it doesn’t even add any extra time to your routine! (Perfect for efficiency-focused Capricorns!)
You can also check out these 7 natural ways to color your hair, including using henna and ground walnut shells!
Your practical side may also show in the way you take care of your skin. You shy away from products that add extra time, like scrubs and masks. Products that do double duty are ideal.
For some skin types, you can simply cleanse and then use Sun Love and your morning routine is done! (Drier skin types may want to use a facial oil or serum first.)


It’s no surprise that you’re drawn to organic skin care, Virgo. You tend to be very health conscious and love things that are pure and natural.
You’re often attributed to having a perfectionist aspect to your personality, being critical especially when under stress. When it comes to your skin, you may find yourself noticing the smallest pore, the slightest occasional pimple, or the faintest unevenness to your complexion.
Here's a routine that may work for you, as it's thorough, easy to stick to, and yields skin-perfecting results:
  1. Cleanse with your preferred cleanser.
  2. Next, use an exfoliant with clay in it, like our Dead Sea Scrub. The clay draws out impurities and minimizes the look of your pores, helping your finishing products absorb more effectively.
  3. Choose the facial oil best suited for your skin type. We have four — for sensitive, oily skin, combination, and dry/mature skin types.
  4. Add a bit of mineral makeup powder like Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation to a couple pumps of oil and apply it all over your face like you would a liquid foundation.
  5. Rub some Anti-Aging Serum into your cheeks and along your cheek bones — not only does this give your skin an extra dose of hydration, it highlights your cheek bones for a super healthy look.
This naturally perfected look is great for a Virgo who rejoices in their methods of doing things and likes to have things just right.
For your hair, it's in your nature to want to look polished without appearing to have spent a lot of time. We recommend using hot oil treatments and hair rinses to keep your locks beautiful.
Try brewing some rosemary or horsetail tea and keeping it in a bottle in your shower. After you rinse out your conditioner, do a final rinse with the tea. Rosemary is an amazing hair herb, because it's high in silica. You can also drink horsetail tea to promote beautiful hair, skin, and nails. You can get more natural hair tips like this in this blog post.
Being as nutrition focused a you are, diet might be your ultimate beauty trick. Add healthy fats like avocados, skin-loving herbs, and foods rich in vitamin A to your diet to help you keep your skin looking even-toned and glowing.


You may not like change, Taurus, but you do love a delightful sensory experience. Whether it's rich desserts, warm blankets, or beautiful music, you live life through your senses.
Starting your day by diffusing essential oil blends can be a pleasing ritual for you and could even help you keep your temperament calm. There are lots of other ways to use essential oils, too. Try adding them to your bath or to your cleaning solutions.
An indulgent skin care routine is similarly apt for you. We recommend using an exfoliant with calming lavender, like our Dead Sea Scrub, and following with a sweet moisturizing mask like our Coconut Honey.
You might find that stubborn body hair is a problem for you, and if it is, consider natural methods of hair removal like sugaring, or these natural ways to remove facial hair. These natural methods may require some perseverance, but luckily you are not lacking in that area!
Feeling well-groomed helps you feel comfortable with showing your oh-so-sensual side, so it's well worth it.


It’s time to listen to your skin. You might feel like exfoliating like crazy one day and dousing yourself in oil the next. (This is due in part to your flexible and adaptable nature.) Let your skin be your guide, Gemini.
Remember that dehydrated skin is different from dry skin. If your skin is dehydrated, you need to drink more water, eat more watery foods, and make sure you’re using a good humectant in your routine, like honey or aloe. Our serums are super hydrating, as they have an aloe juice base as well as hyaluronic acid.
Dry skin calls for moisturizing oils, which help to seal in moisture and send nourishment deep into the pores. So find out which your skin really needs and choose your products accordingly. (This article can help.)
Geminis like to express themselves, and you may find that one of the ways you do this is through the clothes you wear or how you style your hair. Run with it this year. Feel free to  get that haircut you have on your Pinterest board or buy that funky oversized coat from the thrift store down the street.
On that note, we recommend buying used, since you can find unique pieces and shop without contributing to the unhealthy working conditions that often go hand and hand with large-scale clothing production. Plus, you save something from adding to our landfills.


Feeling comfortable is important to you. Avoid restrictive clothing and ponytails secured with tight elastic bands and opt instead for loose and forgiving fabrics and gentler hair pieces, like cloth hand bands or claw clips.
Dry winter skin can certainly take a toll on your comfort, too, as itchiness and flakiness have never pleased anyone. If your scalp is affected, try rinsing with apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner. This will help clear away buildup.
For your skin, use soothing products like our Coconut Honey Mask. It leaves your skin feeling calm and soft, helping to relieve dryness (and also reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the process).
You might even want to switch your moisturizer to something extra soothing like our Unscented Facial Oil. The idea to make this oil happened because people were writing in telling us that they wanted products without essential oils added for scent. We wanted to go a step beyond making it unscented, so we included nourishing seed oils and gentle herbs, for a facial oil that is super soothing, while also helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin tone.


You’ve got all the right traits to make you an expert DIY-er: individualism, inventiveness, and eccentricity.
See how much of your beauty routine you can take into your own hands this year. We have tons of tutorials on our blog, from a DIY FacialDIY Anti-Aging Masks, even DIY toothpaste and mouthwash. You could even make your own lip balm, we have a recipe in this post about DIY recipes for dry skin.
It’s also no wonder that you find yourself interested in natural skin care, as Aquarians are born humanitarians. You look for a company with values, and for that we say, keep on keepin’ on. (Check out our We Heart Gift Guide for some companies you’ll probably love. And if you didn’t know already, we’re getting MADE SAFE certified!)
Because you’re independent and at times eccentric, you’re open to trying new things and going off the beaten path. Maybe you’d want to try something new this year, like face yoga, which we learned about recently and have been absolutely LOVING. It’s a product-free, surgery-free way to get younger-looking skin through doing facial exercises.
This face yoga video shows you how to do an exercise that gives your whole face a lift. It’s one of our favorites.


Okay, Leo. You’re known to be confident, with what some might call a regal air about you. So why not flaunt it? Consider adding crown-like hair pieces or beautiful broaches to your wardrobe this year? The metal associated with your sign is gold. Just sayin…
It’s also common for Leos to have big manes of hair, which are as beautiful as they are requiring of upkeep. This year, try to keep the heat of your hair as much as possible. A few ways you might go about doing this:
  • Wash your hair less frequently so that you don't have to start it as much.
  • Consider other options besides blow drying and styling tools. One method that works well for curly or wavy hair is to put hair in a parted, low ponytail while it dries. Twist the end to create a long curl. When your hair is dry and you take out your pony, you’ll have a curls that start a few inches from your head and fall  somewhere in between tousled and intentional looking.
  • Messy buns. Don’t fear them! This is a good fall back that helps you go one day longer before washing your hair.
You might also want to do some hair treatments. A mixture of coconut and honey (melted, mixed, and then applied to hair) can help remediate damaged and dry locks.
As for your makeup, experiment with contouring or highlighting, which is a lot easier than you think! We just added 4 new shades to our Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation line, which all come in our Makeup Sample Kit. You can play around with using shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, and the inner corners of your eyes. Darker colors can be used as bronzers or even eye shadows. Be bold and play around with your look!


You’re active and energetic and likely spend a lot of time outside. So the first thing we’ll say is wear sunscreen! We recommend something zinc-based.
A leader and a pioneer, an Aries isn’t afraid to try something new. It’s likely that you were the first one of your friends who started using organic skin care or facial oils. Maybe it’s time for you to find the next new thing. Look into which facial oil is best suited for your skin. It might be the one you’re already using and it might not. A quick guide:
  • Jojoba is super moisturizing. Great for those with dry skin types, but can cause breakouts for some people (not all) who have acne prone skin.
  • Grapeseed oil is high in linoleic acid, which helps to calm oily skin. This oil is light and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it ideal for those with combination and oily skin types.
  • Coconut oil is good for some types of skin. If you break out easily, you want to get products with fractionated coconut oil, which means the molecular size is smaller, so your pores won’t be clogged.
Your element is fire and one of your strengths is your energy, but you may want to nurture your calmness, too. Think chamomile tea, aloe vera on the skin, and lavender essential oil in your bathtub. You may benefit from using our Calm Essential Oil Blend and aloe-based serums.


For you, it’s all about balance, which can be a hard thing to achieve in skin care! One day your skin is too dry, the next day it’s too oily. If you have combination skin, this is even more true. (Here’s a guide to which kinds of oils suit you best.)
In general, you don’t want your t-zone to overproduce oil, and you don’t want your cheeks to get dry. Using harsh ingredients on your skin like drying alcohols can actually cause your skin to overproduce oil. You also don’t want to skip moisturizing or use something too rich.
Take a few minutes in the morning, as you wash your face and go about your routine, to notice what your skin is needing. Use gentle cleansers like our Citrus Mint, which helps to reduce excess oil without drying out the skin. Moisturize and hydrate your skin with natural ingredients that don’t sit on top of the skin and clog pores, like is the case with many rich creams and lotions.
Sociable and charming, you likely love to surround yourself with good friends. Why not turn your next gathering into a relaxing and natural experience? (This could also be a lot less expensive than meeting someone for lunch!) Try a relaxing foot soak while watching a movie (this blog post has an herbal foot bath recipe, and others!).


Fear is certainly not your kryptonite, Scorpio. Your intensity keeps you forging ahead, seldom shying away from pursuing what you want. As far as your beauty and health routine, you might be the one who works out tirelessly, makes drastic hair changes without looking back, or goes to great lengths to achieve a certain look (you were likely the one among your friends who’s gotten Brazilian hair straightening treatments).
You’re also known to be very romantic and charming, and you likely take care to keep up your appearance. Try mixing it up with some new products. For you, we’d recommend a nourishing mask (Purifying Mud for oily skin types, Coconut Honey for dry skin types) and Passionate Essential Oil blend.
There’s no need to shy away from your romantic side! With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might also be interested in concocting something to get you and your lover in the mood. We have the perfect love potion recipe right here.


You’re a very honest person, and may even feel like wearing excessive makeup feels inauthentic. If this is the case, opt for a natural mineral powder, which allows you to perfect your look without totally covering up your natural skin tone. Ours, Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation, allows you to combine with your moisturizer to create a natural liquid foundation, or brush it on dry for a more matte look.
You are naturally enthusiastic and outspoken, so why not share your opinions with the world? You’d be a great beauty blogger or product reviewer. You're probably often found raving to your friends about your latest purchase. Your infectious energy is important to the world, so don’t underplay your influence! Use your talent for good by telling your friends about the nasty chemicals found in makeupperfume, and skin care. Helping someone switch to using natural products is a big deal, not only for them but for the health of the planet, too.
You like fast-acting products that show immediate results, but don’t get fooled by overnight fixes and please, don’t turn to surgery to improve your look. Turn instead to slowly-but-surely methods like Face Yoga and tried and true ingredients like oils and aloe. For a treatment that gives you an instant pick me up, try exfoliating with the Dead Sea Scrub and following with a moisturizing oil or our Coconut Honey Mask for even more moisture.


Your sensitivity may extend beyond your personality and into your skin (our skin is, after all, an indication of what’s happening within). You may find that your skin is sensitive.
It can be tempting to turn to harsh products to help, if that’s your skin’s struggle, but resist! Sensitive skin is complicated.
You also don’t want to dry out your skin with harsh products. We love what the Unscented Facial Oil does for sensitive skin. It’s safe for those with oily skin as well as does wonders for anti-aging. The secret is in the seed oils, like sacha inchi.

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